SQL Tables

The Tables Used on the FluffyCat.com SQL Reference and Example Site.

 Director_Last_Name - 30 Characters
 Director_First_Name - 30 Characters
 Film_Title - 50 Characters

unique key - Director_Last_Name, Director_First_Name, & Film_Title

 Film_Title - 50 Characters
 Film_Year - Year
 Film_Length - Numeric

unique key - Film_Title

 Thespian_Last_Name - 30 Characters
 Thespian_First_Name - 30 Characters

unique key - Thespian_Last_Name, Thespian_First_Name

 Thespian_Last_Name - 30 Characters
 Thespian_First_Name - 30 Characters
 Film_Title - 50 Characters

unique key - Thespian_Last_Name, Thespian_First_Name, & Film_Title

A few notes about these tables.
The field definitions are meant to be very generic. Depending on what database you are using your field definitions would be different.
I'm pretty sure that the Screen Actors Guild makes sure that two actors never have the same name. If I was really going to set up these tables I would double-check this to insure I have a unique key by using Thespian_First_Name and Thespian_Last_Name.
However, there is no such rule for film titles. There are many instances of two different films that have the exact same title. Examples are The Man In the Iron Mask (1939 with Louis Hayward and 1977 with Richard Chamberlain), The Champ (1931 with Wallace Beery and 1979 with Jon Voight), and Passion (1919 with Pola Negri and 1954 with Raymond Burr).
To get around this problem I will add the year to the title in my samples of movies that have dup names. Either that or I just won't use any films with dup names. If I were really going to set up these tables I would have a unique film_number assigned to each film in the Film_Table. Then the Thespian_Table and the Director_Table would have Film_Number instead of Film_Title, and I would need to go to the Film_Table to get the title. Better design, but it would make my examples harder to follow. Most of thse examples should be very simple, usually involving only one table. So, because these tables are not real, I will not use Film_Number. But, I do realize that would be a better design.
Click HERE to see a snazzy data model diagram of the film data model. Special Thanks to Kim Medlin for this Diagram
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thespian (one word, not the spian, Google definition: meaning actor came from the first Greek actor, Thespis)

thespian_table: one entry for each actor

thespian_film_table: one entry for each movie an actor is in

hope this helps!

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what do you mean with your project in sql the word THE SPIAN?

why do you have 2 tables for the spian, how are they related?

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Ok, since there does seem to be demand for a select * from all four tables here it is. Keep in mind this is just sample data for this site, and is not intended as accurate or complete data on these films. Accurate film information can be found at sites such as IMDB.

Director_Film_Table - Director_Last_Name, Director_First_Name, Film_Title

Cameron, James, Aliens
Coppola, Francis Ford, The Godfather
Coppola, Francis Ford, The Godfather Part II
Coppola, Francis Ford, The Godfather Part III
Lucas, George, American Graffiti
Lucas, George, Star Wars
Stanley, Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange
Stanley, Kubrick, Barry Lyndon
Stanley, Kubrick, Dr. Strangelove
Stanley, Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut
Stanley, Kubrick, Full Metal Jacket
Stanley, Kubrick, Killer's Kiss
Stanley, Kubrick, Killing, The
Stanley, Kubrick, Lolita
Stanley, Kubrick, Paths of Glory
Stanley, Kubrick, Shining, The
Stanley, Kubrick, Spartacus
Stanley, Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey
Waters, John, A Dirty Shame
Waters, John, Cecil B. DeMented
Waters, John, Cry-Baby
Waters, John, Desperate Living
Waters, John, Female Trouble
Waters, John, Hairspray
Waters, John, Pecker
Waters, John, Pink Flamingos
Waters, John, Polyester
Waters, John, Serial Mom

Film_Table - Film_Title, Film_Year, Film_Length

A Nous la Liberte, 1932, 87
Aaron Loves Angela, 1975, 99
Abbott and Costello go to Mars, 1953, 77
Abbott and Costello in Hollywood, 1945, 111
Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion, 1950, 80
Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd, 1952, 70
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde, 1952, 77
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, 1948, 83
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, 1951, 82
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Cops, 1954, 79
American Pie, 1999, 99
American Pie 2, 2001, 115
Andy Hard Meets Debutante, 1940, 120
As Good As It Gets, 1997, 123
Babes in Arms, 1939, 120
Babes on Broadway, 1941, 120
Big Daddy, 1999, 115
A Child is Waiting, 1963, 120
Caddyshack, 1980, 121
Clock - The, 1945, 120
Easter Parade, 1948, 120
Everybody Sing, 1938, 120
For Me and my Gal, 1942, 120
Ghostbusters, 1984, 120
Girl Crazy, 1943, 120
Harvey Girls - The, 1946, 120
Hercules, 1997, 90
I Could Go on Singing, 1963, 120
In the Good Old Summertime, 1949, 120
Judgement at Nuremberg, 1961, 120
Life Begins for Andy Hardy, 1941, 120
Listen - Darling, 1938, 120
Little Nelly Kelly, 1940, 120
Love Finds Andy Hardy, 1938, 120
Mars Attacks, 1995, 120
Meet Me in St. Louis, 1944, 120
Mulan, 1998, 90
Pinocchio, 1940, 80
Pirate - The, 1948, 120
Presenting Lily Mars, 1943, 120
Rushmore, 1998, 99
Star is Born - A, 1954, 120
Strictly G.I., 1944, 120
Strike Up the Band, 1940, 120
The Waterboy, 1998, 110
The Wedding Singer, 1998, 120
Thoroughbreads Don't Cry, 1937, 120
Thousands Cheer, 1943, 120
Till the Clouds Roll By, 1946, 120
The Lady and the Tramp, 1955, 80
The Little Mermaid, 1989, 85
The Godfather, 1973, 180
The Godfather Part II, 1975, 167
The Godfather Part III, 1978, 177
Twister, 1996, 120
Wizard of Oz - The, 1939, 120
Ziegfield Follies, 1946, 120
Ziegfeld Girl, 1941, 120

Thespian_Table - Thespian_Last_Name, Thespian_First_Name

Nicholson, Jack
Nicholson, Nick

Thespian_Film_Table - Thespian_Last_Name, Thespian_First_Name, Film_Title

Bergman, Ingrid, A Matter of Time
Bergman, Ingrid, A Woman's Face
Bergman, Ingrid, Adam Had Four Sons
Bergman, Ingrid, American Creed
Bergman, Ingrid, Anastasia
Bergman, Ingrid, Arch of Triumph
Bergman, Ingrid, Autumn Sonata
Bergman, Ingrid, Cactus Flower
Bergman, Ingrid, Casablanca
Bergman, Ingrid, Dollar
Bergman, Ingrid, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Bergman, Ingrid, Fear
Bergman, Ingrid, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Bergman, Ingrid, From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Bergman, Ingrid, Gaslight
Bergman, Ingrid, Goodbye Again
Bergman, Ingrid, Indiscreet
Bergman, Ingrid, Intermezzo: A Love Story
Bergman, Ingrid, Joan at the Stake
Bergman, Ingrid, Joan of Arc
Bergman, Ingrid, June Night
Bergman, Ingrid, Murder on the Orient Express
Bergman, Ingrid, Notorious
Bergman, Ingrid, On the Sunny Side
Bergman, Ingrid, Only One Night
Bergman, Ingrid, Paris Does Strange Things
Bergman, Ingrid, Rage in Heaven
Bergman, Ingrid, Saratoga Trunk
Bergman, Ingrid, Spellbound
Bergman, Ingrid, Stimulantia
Bergman, Ingrid, Stromboli
Bergman, Ingrid, The Bells of St. Mary's
Bergman, Ingrid, The Four Companions
Bergman, Ingrid, The Greatest Love
Bergman, Ingrid, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
Bergman, Ingrid, The Visit
Bergman, Ingrid, The Yellow Rolls-Royce
Bergman, Ingrid, Under Capricorn
Bergman, Ingrid, Viaggio in Italia
Bergman, Ingrid, Walk in the Spring Rain
Bogart, Humphrey, A Devil with Women
Bogart, Humphrey, A Holy Terror
Bogart, Humphrey, Across the Pacific
Bogart, Humphrey, All Through the Night
Bogart, Humphrey, Action in the North Atlantic
Bogart, Humphrey, Angels with Dirty Faces
Bogart, Humphrey, Battle Circus
Bogart, Humphrey, Beat the Devil
Bogart, Humphrey, Black Legion
Bogart, Humphrey, Body and Soul
Bogart, Humphrey, Brother Orchid
Bogart, Humphrey, Bullets or Ballots
Bogart, Humphrey, Casablanca
Bogart, Humphrey, Chain Lightning
Bogart, Humphrey, China Clipper
Bogart, Humphrey, Conflict
Bogart, Humphrey, Crime School
Bogart, Humphrey, Dark Passage
Bogart, Humphrey, Dark Victory
Bogart, Humphrey, Dead End
Bogart, Humphrey, Dead Reckoning
Bogart, Humphrey, Deadline - U.S.A.
Bogart, Humphrey, High Sierra
Bogart, Humphrey, In a Lonely Place
Bogart, Humphrey, Invisible Stripes
Bogart, Humphrey, Isle of Fury
Bogart, Humphrey, It All Came True
Bogart, Humphrey, Key Largo
Bogart, Humphrey, Kid Galahad
Bogart, Humphrey, King of the Underworld
Bogart, Humphrey, Knock on Any Door
Bogart, Humphrey, Love Affair
Bogart, Humphrey, Marked Woman
Bogart, Humphrey, Men Are Such Fools
Bogart, Humphrey, Midnight
Bogart, Humphrey, Passage to Marseille
Bogart, Humphrey, Racket Busters
Bogart, Humphrey, Sabrina
Bogart, Humphrey, Sahara
Bogart, Humphrey, San Quentin
Bogart, Humphrey, Sirocco
Bogart, Humphrey, Stand-In
Bogart, Humphrey, Swing Your Lady
Bogart, Humphrey, The African Queen
Bogart, Humphrey, The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
Bogart, Humphrey, The Bad Sister
Bogart, Humphrey, The Barefoot Contessa
Bogart, Humphrey, The Big Shot
Bogart, Humphrey, The Big Sleep
Bogart, Humphrey, The Caine Mutiny
Bogart, Humphrey, The Desperate Hours
Bogart, Humphrey, The Enforcer
Bogart, Humphrey, The Great O'Malley
Bogart, Humphrey, The Harder They Fall
Bogart, Humphrey, The Left Hand of God
Bogart, Humphrey, The Maltese Falcon
Bogart, Humphrey, The Oklahoma Kid
Bogart, Humphrey, The Petrified Forest
Bogart, Humphrey, The Return of Doctor X
Bogart, Humphrey, The Roaring Twenties
Bogart, Humphrey, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Bogart, Humphrey, The Two Mrs. Carrolls
Bogart, Humphrey, The Wagons Roll at Night
Bogart, Humphrey, They Drive by Night
Bogart, Humphrey, Three on a Match
Bogart, Humphrey, To Have and Have Not
Bogart, Humphrey, Tokyo Joe
Bogart, Humphrey, Two Against the World
Bogart, Humphrey, Up the River
Bogart, Humphrey, Virginia City
Bogart, Humphrey, We're No Angels
Bogart, Humphrey, You Can't Get Away with Murder
Broderick, Matthew, The Cable Guy
Carrey, Jim, The Cable Guy
Carrey, Jim, The Mask
Chapman, Graham, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Cleese, John, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
DeNiro, Robert, Brazil
Diaz, Cameron, Something About Mary
Diaz, Cameron, The Mask
Ford, Harrison, Air Force One
Ford, Harrison, American Graffiti
Ford, Harrison, Apocalypse Now
Ford, Harrison, Blade Runner
Ford, Harrison, Clear and Present Danger
Ford, Harrison, Frantic
Ford, Harrison, Hanover Street
Ford, Harrison, Heroes
Ford, Harrison, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Ford, Harrison, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Ford, Harrison, Patriot Games
Ford, Harrison, Presumed Innocent
Ford, Harrison, Raiders of the Lost Ark
Ford, Harrison, Regarding Henry
Ford, Harrison, Return of the Jedi
Ford, Harrison, Six Days Seven Nights
Ford, Harrison, Star Wars
Ford, Harrison, The Empire Strikes Back
Ford, Harrison, The Frisco Kid
Ford, Harrison, The Fugitive
Ford, Harrison, The Mosquito Coast
Ford, Harrison, Working Girl
Hanks, Tom, Apollo 13
Hanks, Tom, Bachelor Party
Hanks, Tom, Big
Hanks, Tom, Bonfire of the Vanities
Hanks, Tom, Dragnet
Hanks, Tom, Forrest Gump
Hanks, Tom, Joe Versus the Volcano
Hanks, Tom, Nothing in Common
Hanks, Tom, Philadelphia
Hanks, Tom, Punchline
Hanks, Tom, Saving Private Ryan
Hanks, Tom, Sleepless in Seattle
Hanks, Tom, Splash
Hanks, Tom, The Burbs
Hanks, Tom, The Man with one Red Shoe
Hanks, Tom, The Moneypit
Hanks, Tom, Turner and Hooch
Hanks, Tom, You've got Mail
Hanks, Tom, Volunteers
Hannah, Daryl, Blade Runner
Hauer, Rutger, Blade Runner
Hunt, Helen, As Good As It Gets
Hunt, Helen, Twister
Hurley, Elizabeth, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Garland, Judy, Andy Hard Meets Debutante
Garland, Judy, Babes in Arms
Garland, Judy, Babes on Broadway
Garland, Judy, A Child is Waiting
Garland, Judy, Clock - The
Garland, Judy, Easter Parade
Garland, Judy, Everybody Sing
Garland, Judy, For Me and my Gal
Garland, Judy, Girl Crazy
Garland, Judy, Harvey Girls - The
Garland, Judy, I Could Go on Singing
Garland, Judy, In the Good Old Summertime
Garland, Judy, Judgement at Nuremberg
Garland, Judy, Life Begins for Andy Hardy
Garland, Judy, Listen - Darling
Garland, Judy, Little Nelly Kelly
Garland, Judy, Love Finds Andy Hardy
Garland, Judy, Meet Me in St. Louis
Garland, Judy, Pirate - The
Garland, Judy, Presenting Lily Mars
Garland, Judy, Star is Born - A
Garland, Judy, Strictly G.I.
Garland, Judy, Strike Up the Band
Garland, Judy, Thoroughbreads Don't Cry
Garland, Judy, Thousands Cheer
Garland, Judy, Till the Clouds Roll By
Garland, Judy, Wizard of Oz - The
Garland, Judy, Ziegfield Follies
Garland, Judy, Ziegfeld Girl
Gilliam, Terry, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Graham, Heather, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Greene, Seth, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Greene, Seth, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Idle, Eric, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Jones, Terry, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Murray, Bill, Broken Flowers
Murray, Bill, Caddyshack
Murray, Bill, Charlie's Angels
Murray, Bill, Ed Wood
Murray, Bill, Ghostbusters
Murray, Bill, Groundhog Day
Murray, Bill, Kingpin
Murray, Bill, Little Shop of Horrors
Murray, Bill, Mad Dog and Glory
Murray, Bill, Quick Change
Murray, Bill, Rushmore
Murray, Bill, Scrooged
Murray, Bill, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Murray, Bill, The Razor's Edge
Murray, Bill, The Royal Tenenbaums
Murray, Bill, What About Bob?
Murray, Bill, Where the Buffalo Roam
Myers, Mike, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Myers, Mike, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Nicholson, Jack, Mars Attacks
Nicholson, Jack, As Good As It Gets
Palin, Michael, Brazil
Palin, Michael, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Platrow, Gwenth, Proof
Platrow, Gwenth, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Platrow, Gwenth, Sylvia
Platrow, Gwenth, View from the Top
Platrow, Gwenth, Possession
Platrow, Gwenth, Shallow Hal
Platrow, Gwenth, The Royal Tenenbaums
Platrow, Gwenth, The Anniversary Party
Platrow, Gwenth, Bounce
Platrow, Gwenth, Duets
Platrow, Gwenth, The Talented Mr. Ripley
Platrow, Gwenth, Shakespeare in Love
Platrow, Gwenth, A Perfect Murder
Platrow, Gwenth, Hush
Platrow, Gwenth, Great Expectations
Platrow, Gwenth, Sliding Doors
Platrow, Gwenth, Emma
Platrow, Gwenth, The Pallbearer
Platrow, Gwenth, Sydney
Platrow, Gwenth, Moonlight and Valentino
Platrow, Gwenth, Se7en
Platrow, Gwenth, Jefferson in Paris
Platrow, Gwenth, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Platrow, Gwenth, Flesh and Bone
Platrow, Gwenth, Malice
Platrow, Gwenth, Hook
Platrow, Gwenth, Shout
Pryce, Jonathan, Brazil
Reeves, Keanu, The Matrix
Sandler, Adam, Big Daddy
Sandler, Adam, The Waterboy
Sandler, Adam, The Wedding Singer
Stiller, Ben, Something About Mary
Travolta, John, Pulp Fiction
Young, Sean, Blade Runner

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I have a problem, I do not have the state(table real content) of the table.

If possible, please, send the table content to me.

Please, can I have the result list of below SQL.

select * from Director_Film_Table;
select * from Film_Table
select * from Thespian_Table
select * from Thespian_Film_Table

Comment by Larry on 2007-04-09 Rate this Comment

Thanks for asking about this, I've gotten a few get emails asking for this.

I never did have a complete set of tables for movies, only the data that I used in the examples on the site. While I entered a few movies actor Bill Murray was in the page for SQL Max[/I, I never did an example with actor John Wayne, and so I never had any John Wayne movies in my tables. My tables were never complete like IMDB.

Also, because I did a lot of the examples a few years back the tables wouldn't be exactly current. My tables never had Bill Murray has having been in "Broken Flowers" or "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou".

Would these partial tables be helpful to anyone? I had these tables on a backup hard drive which crashed last year, but I'm sure I could redo them. They would work if you wanted to try out the exact examples I have on the site, but they wouldn't be good for much else.

Comment by sireesha on 2007-04-09 Rate this Comment

Please, can I have the result list of below SQL.
can i have the result set of the below queries:
select * from Director_Film_Table;
select * from Film_Table
select * from Thespian_Table
select * from Thespian_Film_Table

Comment by archive on 2006-04-28 Rate this Comment

I have a problem, I do not have the state(table real content) of the table.

If possible, please, send the table content to me.

Please, can I have the result list of below SQL.

select * from Director_Film_Table;
select * from Film_Table
select * from Thespian_Table
select * from Thespian_Film_Table

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