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Java Job Interview Questions

Working as contractor, consultant, and freelancer in Java development I have had a fair number of Java interviews. It is surprising how many questions come up again and again. Here are a few to study so you aren't caught unprepared.

Static - I don't think I have ever had a Java job interview where I wasn't asked to define Java Statics. Often the question isn't specific to variables or classes, they just want to be certain that you get the basic concept of a class level variable or method.

Primitives - Name the 8 primitive variable types. Sounds easy, but in an interview it can be as hard as remembering all 7 dwarfs.

Interface - Going a little deeper into OO, I've usually been asked to define interfaces. Generally, I think the interviewer is looking for an understanding of the concept of a structure that can't be instantiated and sets a framework for classes that implement it. Be ready to explain why and and where you would or have used one. Also, you might point out that some developers find an interface a handy place to define concrete variables that will be available to all implementing classes.

Design Patterns - Now we are deep into OO. I've usually been asked about design patterns in fairly vague terms, such as "describe the design patterns used in the systems you have worked on". I was asked that so often that I drew out some UML to bring with me to interviews, as I found drawing up the UML during the interview to be distracting and slow.

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