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Over the years this site has been online (since 1998!) I've had many Java comments and questions emailed to me that don't quite fit into any other category. I'll share a few here, with the senders' names and email addresses removed. Please feel free to leave new comments or questions here using the handy "Add A Comment" feature.
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Comment by archive on 2012-09-23 Rate this Comment

i want to learn the JAVA course i didnot get any good and simple notes on it just i am searching in net i got u.please kindly send me the total(Whole)JAVA package notes with example programs to my mail id.i am waiting for ur mail.

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I am continuing MCA.I want to create a program in which there are two panels.The left panel contains a tree.What i want that when i select a item from the tree.Then the item along with its parrent should come in the right panel in a tree structure.
I tried a lot but i am unable to make it.please if possible help me.
waiting for ur quick response.

Comment by archive on 2013-05-22 Rate this Comment

I need to create a user login with using J2EE Design patterns. So can u send sample code to do this one.
1. Create user login html page.
2. check whether the input user name and password right or wrong.
3. Return to next page


Comment by archive on 2006-12-19 Rate this Comment

if i hve any query in java & j2ee,shell i send query to this mail.

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