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Java Abstracts

using an abstract class

abstract class Cat {

//abstract classes can have variables String abstractClassName = "Cat"; //abstract classes can have methods String getAbstractClassName() { return abstractClassName; }

//this must be implemented in any class extending Cat abstract String getClassName();


//you can not extend from two classes at once class Himalayan extends Cat{ String className = "Himalayan";

public Himalayan() {}

//must have this method, // because Cat declared it as an abstract String getClassName() { return className; }

public static void main(String[] args) {

//you can not instantiate an abstract class //Cat percy = new Cat(); //does not work

Himalayan cappuccino = new Himalayan(); System.out.println(cappuccino.getAbstractClassName()); //output is: Cat System.out.println(cappuccino.getClassName()); //output is: Himalayan } }
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