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Comment by archive on 2006-05-18 Rate this Comment

thank you for your website. It is very helpful. I have only one suggestion: do you know the book "Head First Design Patterns"? In my opion it is a good start for beginners. Maybe you would like to add it to your book list.

Comment by Larry on 2008-02-13 Rate this Comment

I have the Amazon generic links for pattern books here mostly because they tend to have relevant books and they always have the current version.

If you are going to take patterns seriously you need to study Design Patterns by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, and John Vlissides. It is not an "easy read" though, so if you just want a basic understanding of patterns it might be too much. It was done pre-java, so you won't find any examples in Java, which was a major reason I did all of my own examples in Java which are on this site.

I did find James Coopers book Java Design Patterns very helpful, and I think it was the first work to have a comprehensive set of design patterns in Java. I believe all of his examples use Swing, and I wanted my examples to be as simple as possible so I didn't use any Swing.

I haven't really studied Head First Design Patterns yet, but it sure seems to have a lot of fans.

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