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Java Cart Tables


To be certain of the most up to date table definitions look at DBUtilControllerServlet, which has complete SQL to create and populate test tables. At this time I have no admin modules to edit the tables on-line, so you can't update or even view inventory, but that would be necessary for a finished system.


Categories, descriptions, and the parent category.


Information about an individual item.


Additonal item information if an item has a size and/or color.


What item is in what category. An item can be in multiple categories.


Inventory information for items with inventory.


What group an item is in, for items in groups.
Groups are designed to be used to have similar items, such as hats of the same style but different colors, stored as their own items with different inventories or pricing, and yet can be presented to the customer together as if they were the same item.
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