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Java Cart ItemCategoryBean java

package cart.applicationBeans;

import cart.ItemCategory;
import cart.dbUtils.ItemCategoryDBUtil;
import cart.dbUtils.DBConnection;
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.ListIterator;

//ItemCategoryBean - loads ItemCategory into a structure for display,
//                   keeping the most recently ones called
//                   also could determine which items are displayed
//                     using avail dates, in stock, etc...
//author - Lawrence Truett -
//date - June 16, 2003 - San Diego, CA
public class ItemCategoryBean {
    private HashMap itemCats = new HashMap();
    //must have empty constructor to be a bean
    public ItemCategoryBean() {
    //only a good idea if you have a limited number of item-categories
    public ItemCategoryBean(DBConnection dbc) {
        ListIterator li = 
        long prevCategory = 0;
        long thisCategory = 0;
        ArrayList items = new ArrayList();
        while (li.hasNext()) {
            ItemCategory itemCategory = (ItemCategory);
            thisCategory = itemCategory.getCategoryKey();
            if ((!items.isEmpty()) && 
                (prevCategory != thisCategory)) {
                itemCats.put(new Long(prevCategory), items);
                items = new ArrayList();
            items.add(new Long(itemCategory.getItemKey()));
            prevCategory = thisCategory;
        if (!items.isEmpty()) {//add last category
            itemCats.put(new Long(prevCategory), items);
    //returns item only if in hashMap
    public ArrayList getItems(long key) {
        Long lKey = new Long(key);
        if (itemCats.containsKey(lKey)) {
            return (ArrayList)itemCats.get(lKey);
        } else {
            return null;
    public Item getItem(long key, DBConnection dbc) {
        Long lKey = new Long(key);
        if (items.containsKey(lKey)) {
            return (Item)items.get(lKey);
        } else {
            Item item = ItemDBUtil.getItemForKey(key, dbc);
            if (null != item) {itemsUpdateAlgo(item);}
            return item;
    //puts new items into items HashMap,
    //  with some algorythm to delete lesser used entries
    private void itemsUpdateAlgo(Item item) {
        items.put(new Long(item.getKey()), item);
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