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www.FluffyCat.com first came online way back in 1998. At the time I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it, so I chose the somewhat generic name of FluffyCat.com. Slowly I put some of my own programming notes and examples online, and the site grew.

I am do freelance programming, mainly using PHP and MySQL. I am currently unable to take on new clients, but here is my resume.

And yes, my wife and I do live with one beautiful fluffy cat. In the past we have had many wonderful cats both fluffy and otherwise.

-Larry Truett

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Comment by ThiOz on 2012-04-26 Rate this Comment

Great articles about the PHP design patterns,
I have a new pattern suggestion .. any idea where I can post it ?


Comment by Anonymous on 2009-01-29 Rate this Comment

I have used your site on and off for years. I also refer other people to it regularly. For people who learn by example, this is a great site.

Thanks -

Comment by Harish on 2008-09-08 Rate this Comment

Thanks for such a detailed yet precise article. i had fun and curiosity at each section of content.

Comment by Sai Krishna on 2013-05-22 Rate this Comment

Great work on PHP patterns. Thanks for your site

Comment by Mohan on 2006-12-27 Rate this Comment

what is the difference between declaring cursor in Working storage section and Procedure division

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