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www.FluffyCat.com first came online way back in 1998. At the time I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it, so I chose the somewhat generic name of FluffyCat.com. Slowly I put some of my own programming notes and examples online, and the site grew.

I am do freelance programming, mainly using PHP and MySQL. I am currently unable to take on new clients, but here is my resume.

My wife currently have one elderly dog. In the past we have had many wonderful cats both fluffy and otherwise.

-Larry Truett

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Comment by ThiOz on 2012-04-26 Rate this Comment

Great articles about the PHP design patterns,
I have a new pattern suggestion .. any idea where I can post it ?


Comment by Anonymous on 2009-01-29 Rate this Comment

I have used your site on and off for years. I also refer other people to it regularly. For people who learn by example, this is a great site.

Thanks -

Comment by Harish on 2008-09-08 Rate this Comment

Thanks for such a detailed yet precise article. i had fun and curiosity at each section of content.

Comment by Sai Krishna on 2013-05-22 Rate this Comment

Great work on PHP patterns. Thanks for your site

Comment by Mohan on 2006-12-27 Rate this Comment

what is the difference between declaring cursor in Working storage section and Procedure division

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